Littleport Bypass Level Crossing

Published on Sept. 1, 2013
Channel: Stevedd1
Category: Travel & Events
Source: Youtube

Saturday August 31 2013 at 6.55 am. The 6.32 Cambridge to Kings Lynn (7.20) train which was filmed 2 minutes earlier at Littleport level crossing. Since then it has stopped at Littleport station and been over the gated crossing beside it. With only an hourly service on this line it was worth rushing to film it again. In 2011 an elderly couple returning from holiday in a camper van were taken to hospital when it hit a train here. This is the A10 road. Maybe this is the lowest number road which has a level crossing. The public enquiry into half barrier level crossings implied that the audible alarm is for pedestrians. If that is the case then it is senseless to have a loud alarm here where they aren't any and a quiet one in the town.