Lisa Frank Beauty Haul! Projector Lip Balm Lipstick Surprise Ice Cream Cone & More! Unboxing

Published on Oct. 11, 2015
Category: Howto & Style
Source: Youtube

Lisa Frank Beauty Haul! Projector Lip Balm Lipstick Bath Gels Surprise Ice Cream Cone & More! Unboxing Hi Guys! In this video we unbox and review soo many cool Lisa FRank Beauty Products! We get nail polish, nail stickers, glitter and decals. Projector lip balm that really works! Ice cream cone fillled with tons of lisa frank goodies such as lip gloss, stickers, ring, nail stickers and more! Lisa frak nail art kit with polka dot tool, nail polish! We also get 5 lipstick bath gels with yummy scents! This was soo much fun! Everyday on BubblePOP Kids we make fun creations out of play doh, play with the newest and coolest toys and open the best surprise eggs and Blind bags! You can subscribe here: Lip Gloss, 唇彩, リップグロス, 립글로스, son bóng, brillo de labios, brilho labial, блеск для губ, блиск для губ, brillant à lèvres, Lipgloss, lucidalabbra, κραγιόν, läppglans, błyszczyk, շուրթերի փայլ, होंठ की चमक, ملمع شفاه, גלוס Here are more of our fun videos: Cra z art videos: Shopkins videos: Orbeez videos: Inside OUT videos: Minions Movie videos: Disney Princess videos: Frozen and Anna and Elsa videos: Aidan’s Videos: Dolls and Baby Dolls: Surprise Eggs and Kinder videos: Dora the Explorer and Dora and Friends videos: Music courtesy of youtube audio library and