Lg W2242T-Pf Lcd Monitor Problem.

Published on Sept. 21, 2011
Channel: Gerald Lim Kc
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

Help needed for my LG Flatron W2242T-PF LCD Monitor!!! Don't really know what's happening here and couldn't find any answer closed to my problems before I decided to take any actions of repairing this monitor by myself. I'd owned this monitor for almost 3 years since Jan-2009 and it was on my wife's PC. She hardly use, maybe about an hour or two per day, and it's mainly for her surfing the web and so on, and she don't play any hardcore/graphical intense games. This problem had occured about 3 days after posting this video up, and without a warning except an electrical buzzing sound from a Choke or a Relay behind the panel, since about six months of usage before I'd passed down to her, and I don't think the buzzing sound would cause this on 4:55 ~ 5:30. I had dismantled it to check the capacitors and none of them seemed to be bloated which I'd initially thought of to be causing this problem. I'd checked the ribbon cable leading from the PCB to the LCD panel and the backlight, no problems found. So, what's the real problem here? Hope you guys can give some answers by leaving some answers in in the comment box below. A very BIG Thank You for watching and in advance for your answers.