Let'S Make An Rpg - Ep 06 (Unity 5 - First Enemy)

Published on Oct. 22, 2016
Channel: Creagines
Category: Education
Source: Youtube

Hey guys! Today we will set a basic enemy "Chibi Mummy" :P Hope u enjoy the video ^^ ------ Lets make this RPG game together, and at the same time you will learn how to be a Master Of Unity! I will be opened to all of your suggestions and if theres is something in particular you would like to learn about, we can add that to OUR game! In this series, I intend to teach at least the following concepts: -Stage Design. -NPC Interaction -Character Movement. -Combat Systems. -Level Up Systems. -Items Upgrading -AI Behaviour. -Shops. -Cross Platform Integration. -Much More! Remember to subscribe and like my videos and share them with you friends so we can make the best game in existence! Thank you and .... Peace!