Lego Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire In 3 Minutes

Published on April 15, 2017
Source: Youtube

In Harry's 4th year at Hogwarts, he faces his greatest challenge yet: The Triwizard Tournament. He has to face dragons, killer mermaids, giant spiders, and his greatest enemy: Voldemort. Like, comment, and subscribe! Check out the Behind the Scenes: Be sure to check out Ruby Granger's channel. Support our channel on Patreon! Your donations will help us improve our videos for you! OUR GEAR (Amazon): Harry Potter minifigures on Amazon here: Our amazing and inexpensive camera: Our Phillips Hue color changing lightbulb: Phillips Hue Bridge needed for lightbulb: Get LEGO Baseplates here: Get a GREEN SCEEN: Get the new LEGO Spiderman Homecoming sets: They are pretty awesome! Special thanks to Aliyah Weiss for voicing various characters. First 3 (+1 on this occasion) commenters get a shoutout: Happy Hufflepuff: Krazy Monkey 2005: Tijn Banaan: Lego Max: Order of the Phoenix is here: lego harry potter, lego harry potter years 1-4, lego harry potter years 5-7, lego harry potter in 90 seconds, lego harry potter years 1-4, lego harry potter ps4, lego harry potter years 5-7