Legally & Free Unlock At&T Iphone For Other Carriers After 2-Year Agreement Easy Iphone Unlock!

Published on Aug. 12, 2017
Channel: Sean Tart
Source: Youtube

LEGALLY & FREE UNLOCK AT&T IPHONE for other Carriers after 2-year agreement Easy iPhone unlock! Unlock here! To make this work your 2-year contract need to be passed, you can verify your unlock eligibility here Start here /?#/ or go directly to Step 1) Unlock page Step 2) Check your status Step 3) Install new SIM How to find the IMEI number More info here: Instructions: Hello everyone, today I’m going to show you how to legally unlock an Locked iPhone under AT&T 2-year-agreement contract so you are able to change your cellphone carrier and use a different SIM card in your iPhone. First step, go in the AT&T unlock page (see description for the links) and click Unlock Device. On this page enter your cellphone number, name and last name. In the next page you will need to enter the IMEI number. To find the IMEI number go in your iphone and go under Settings - General - About. Or you can dial #06# to get the number. Enter the number in the next page and submit. Now check you email because they are going to send you a email with a confirmation link that you need to click to proceed with the unlock. The next day go to check your unlock status (check the description for the link). Enter your IMEI number and Request number to see if you iPhone has been unlock. If everything went well, power off your iPhone, Remove the SIM card, enter a new non-AT&T SIM card and proceed with the setup. (check the description for the help link) And finally your iphone will be working using the different carrier. Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to like the video and subscribe. Chiamami o lasciami un messaggio su skype: mirkojax Radio Mirkojax USA: Seguimi su twitter HIRE ME for a product review: MIE FOTO: o FACEBOOK: MM SHOW: OFFRIMI UN FRAPPUCCINO: SITOWEB: Sito vecchio di fotografia e' NUOVO CANALE ASMR (video rilassanti con suoni soft) THEMIRKOANDMARTASHOW Youtube: Blog: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: