Learn Hacks #16 Google Sites

Published on June 24, 2015
Channel: Scharrvids
Category: Education
Source: Youtube

Do you have a research project or idea that you think deserves its own little website? Are you worried that making a website might be too complicated as you don’t know HTML and all the other fancy coding. Well you can build a website without any of these skills by using Google Sites. If you have a Google account via your institution or a personal one you will have access to their Google Sites package. You can also collaborate with fellow students and tutors and give them access rights to your website. Sites are a great way for a student or group of students to organise a project or showcase the results from one. Google sites allows you to build and host a simple but effective website for free. You can embed videos in it, store documents. brand it with your own banner and have multiple web pages. The learning curve is more than such as Google Docs, but you can always undo any mistakes you make. In a matter of hours you can have your own research website that you can share with other students around the world. You can make as many sites as you like and transfer them to your personal account after you finish your studying, they can help enhance your CV and hopefully impress potential employers with your work.