Ku Quick Tips - Knee Ride Ii: Escaping The Ground

Published on Aug. 12, 2016
Channel: Monsterprone
Category: Sports
Source: Youtube

In a previous video, I looked at the specifics of the knee ride position. In this video, I look at the use of the knee ride as a transition between the ground and stand up, utilizing the position as the last step before extricating yourself from the entangled grappling position. This is an often overlooked aspect of ending a self defense scenario. We tend to assume it is all over once we have subdued our opponent, however, we do still require a strategy for getting away from them even when we are in control. Cody Stewart is a martial arts instructor of Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo Jutsu under Hanshi Patrick McCarthy. KU is a style of karate that utilizes impacting, clinch, throws, chokes, joint locks, and groundwork within a traditional Japanese budo framework. Emphasis is on civil self defense against habitual acts of physical violence (HAPV) and how all of the defensive themes are embodied in kata movements.