Kings & Queens (Main Theme) - Peter Crowley - (Epic Drama Action)

Published on May 6, 2015
Category: Music
Source: Youtube

Buy my music here : Bandcamp : iTunes : CD Baby : Amazon mp3 : My Business Website : FACEBOOK : *** Song composed by Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream All rights reserved - 2015 - ----------------------------- Hey everyone ! Here's a project I've been working on these last weeks. It's the main theme for a web serie, written by Blaine SABIN. You can visit the site here : And watch the first trailer : Artwork by Blasted King : ----------------------------- Libraries used in this song : - EWQL Hollywood Strings - EWQL Hollywood Brass - EWQL Hollywood Woodwinds - EWQL SO Gold - NATIVE INSTRUMENT Action Strikes - SOUNDIRON Requiem Light - SOUNDIRON Voices Of Rapture Soprano - 8DIO Epic Dhol Ensemble - 8DIO The Music Box - STEINBERG Halion Sonic SE ----------------------------- Tags : Celtic, Medieval, Epic, Adventure, Fantasy, Heroic, Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream, Epic Music, Celtic Music, Symphonic, Dark, Metal, Adventure Music, Two steps From Hell, Thomas Bergersen, Hans Zimmer, Luca Turilli ------------------------------------------------------- Monetization enabled via CD Baby. You are allowed to use my music for your Youtube videos BUT If you are using a song from me which is montized on my channel, you'll receive a claim from Youtube saying that the song is owned by me. But you'll never receive a reclamation/strike from me because I allow the usage of my music.