[Kgc] Rufus/Lupus 4Th Bar [Explosive Shot] Dungeon Run

Published on Sept. 3, 2012
Channel: Kayneslayer
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

Stats Level: 80 Attack: 16071 Defense: 10827 Vitality: 6187 Special Attack Power: 742 Special Defense: 407 HP Drain: 0 MP Drain: 4300 Crit Chance: 9.6% Counter Resistance: 0% HP Recovery: 13.5% MP Recovery: 13.5% GP Bonus: 2.2% EXP Bonus: 10% Hell Spear: 0 I still prefer to call him Doofus though. An NPC of him sometimes appears in dungeons to use the 4th bar, which makes me feel unimpressed since the past NPCs that appeared would pretty much clean out dungeon rooms. This one hurts but it doesn't kill everything, but I digress. It's a nice 4th bar, but the random targeting at the end isn't too helpful sometimes. Oh well. Music: Luna Projection - D'va;;;;;;;;;;;4 (Yes, that IS their name) Rock On - Anarchy Reigns OST