Justin Bieber Stuck In The Moment Traduction Français ( French Lyrics )

Published on May 26, 2011
Channel: Camille B
Category: Music
Source: Youtube

Traduction Française / French lyrics Justin Bieber Stuck in the moment It's fun being a Belieber and I'm proud to say I'm a Belieber. But sometimes there are things that make me tired of being a Belieber. But I don't stop being one. It's called dedication. Beliebers take a lot of shit. Almost everyday people are hating on us just because we are fans of Justin Bieber. People call us sucks. We are judged every time we say or do something. They think Beliebers are a group of crazy obsessed ass fans who like to send death threats or stuffs. Maybe there are some, but not all of us! Once a fan did something that is inappropriate in people's eyes, they call all of us sucks. I'm telling you, every Belieber has their own way(s) to support Justin. And not all of us are crazy obsessed fans! Don't judge if you don't know who we are. Haters often say that we treat Justin like a God. Excuse me? First of all, Justin is not our God. He's our idol. To be honest, if it's not because of God and his amazing plan, Justin Bieber wouldn't be here. Like at school, people are making fun of me because I'm a Belieber. I listen to Justin Bieber, yes I'm a fan...but so what? I never make fun of you for being a fan of someone else. There's nothing wrong being a Belieber. Beliebers are badass. We can take a lot of shit. We deal with it every day. And it makes us stronger.