Jp Morgan, Fbi Investigate Possible Security Breach Jp 모건 해킹 공격 사건 수사

Published on Aug. 29, 2014
Channel: Arirang News
Source: Youtube

And turning now to the U.S. The country′s largest bank... JP Morgan Chase... says it′s working with federal authorities to investigate a possible cyber attack on its computer systems. Paul, if proven true... this could be one of the biggest security breaches in corporate America. Well, the leading U.S. financial institution came short of admitting its computer network was hacked,... but did say on Thursday it was taking additional steps to safeguard confidential data. The annoucement comes after the FBI said... a day earlier it had launched an investigation into reports... that several U.S. financial companies had been victims of recent hacking attacks. They are working with United States Secret Service to determine the scope of the damage. Bloomberg had reportedly said that Russian hackers were to blame. "We don′t know actually to what extent the governments of Russia or China are involved in these kinds of attacks. But what we have observed is that attacks that are stealing money tend to come from computers based in Russia and Eastern Europe, and attacks that are stealing intellectual property tend to come from computers based in China." According to the New York Times, attackers stole large quantities of data, including checking and savings account information, however their motivation remains unclear,