Jasper Ridge Farm, Woodside, California

Published on July 16, 2015
Category: Education
Source: Youtube

Several years ago, Co-Founder Wendy Mattes, then a horseback riding instructor, borrowed a miniature horse and along with other friends from the barn, trailered it to the suburban house of one of her students, a young girl who was suffering from a brain tumor. Deeply moved by the impact this visit had on the child, Wendy felt called to try to bring the same incredible experience to other children in need. So what started with one woman, one girl and one little horse -- has blossomed into a thriving organization serving over a thousand children each year who interact with a farmyard of gentle animals. Children facing life threatening illnesses, or those dealing with stressful family situations such as homelessness or domestic violence, or those living with special needs, can find comfort, healing and joy in the company of a cuddly bunny, a gentle horse or a playful goat. We’ve grown considerably, but still count our successes, friends and special moments one at a time. For additional information on volunteering or contributions, please visit www.jasperridgefarm.org.