Isaro Writing Project 2013

Published on Aug. 5, 2013
Channel: Isaro F
Source: Youtube

This Saturday July 20th was the last day of the project known as Isaro Writing Project (IWP 2013) organized by Isaro Foundation. 24 students were trained by English teachers and writing coaches from America. The purpose of this project was to help these students to represent the beauty of their country through photography and writing. The theme for this year was: "Capturing Our Voices: Projecting Our Lives" By using different writers' workshop processes, students learned to use basic photographic composition and creative writing techniques to empower their personal essays and poetry. The workshop heightened the students' awareness of the importance of observation and the use of details in good writing. They concluded the four-day workshop creating, photographically illustrating, and performing a group poem about Rwanda, to which each student contributed a line, as well as wrote their own list poem. In the speeches made Isaro Foundation was recognized for its efforts in the need to move the education of Rwanda youth to the next level. In his allocation, Mr. Damien Ntaganzwa who was representing the REB (Rwanda Education Board) emphasized the importance of installing the reading and writing culture in students for a good education. He also thanked Isaro Foundation team for not forgetting their country even if they were sent to study abroad. " Others go and never come back, but these young men and women never forgot their country" he said. This project is one of the many that Isaro Foundation plans and conducts with a purpose to contribute to the development of the country by adding more to the knowledge of Rwandan youth. English teachers and writing coaches from America (Aurelia Blake and Danielle Fischbach) were thanked for their generosity sacrificing their time to conduct the project. The founder and Chief Executive Officer of Isaro Foundation, Jean Leon Iragena, noted that "Isaro Foundation is committed and will still be committed to improve reading and writing skills in Rwandans by using all possible strategies, including photography." Iragena also thanked Danielle Fischbach and Aurelia Blake for dedicating their time and fly from the USA to help the Isaro Foundation. Isaro Writing Project 2013 shaped 24 young Rwandans' writing and reading skills. Not only students were given certificates but also they were given books to read. Isaro Foundation expects trained students to use the skills they gained in writing not only short stories, but also in writing books.