Irs Scam Lawsuit Phone Calls - "Officer Ray Fleck" Calls

Published on April 6, 2015
Channel: Paula Mooney
Category: Education
Source: Youtube

Here is one of those IRS scam phone calls that I've heard about. I received a voice mail on Sunday, April 5th claiming to be from the "audit department of the IRS," claiming to inform you that a lawsuit which has been filed on your name. Then something about sending this case to the local county Courthouse. Kindly call us back on our number which is (713)701-5034 (713)701-5034 thank you bye. The computerized voicemail is a scam. scam irs scam scam lawsuit irs refund irs forms irs phone number identity theft tax brackets taxes tax reverse number lookup tax refund irs number 1099 form irs contact number fraud telephone directory federal tax brackets class action lawsuit income tax brackets tax forms irs contact irs customer service irs 1040 federal income tax federal tax return irs website federal tax forms dictionary words dictionary free contact irs irs scams federal tax rates irs refund phone number federal tax tax deadline dictionary online call irs federal taxes tax evasion 1040ez form irs telephone number internal revenue service phone number fraud definition us tax brackets scams 1040 tax form irs phone scam tax help phone number for irs free tax tax attorney fraud alert credit card fraud irs hotline federal income tax forms merriam dictionary irs help line dictionary websites irsgov internal revenue insurance fraud internal revenue service address department of the treasury class action lawsuits tax lawyer irs 1099 irs toll free number irs identity theft tax relief english dictionary online tax fraud internal revenue service forms contact the irs phone scams irs phone numbers what is fraud federal tax tables irs 1099 form federal tax bracket irs phone call the irs nigerian scams irs pin number civil lawsuit wire fraud income tax forms irs fraud irs 1040 form 1099 misc form irs 800 number income taxes tax advocate check fraud 419 scam bankruptcy fraud social security fraud irs scam call phone number for the irs irs scam calls tax law usa tax tax forms 1040 credit card scams internal revenue services irs form 1040ez federal tax table tax audit internet scams irs fraud hotline irs whistleblower report identity theft english english dictionary online dating scams on line dictionary free dictionary online report phone scams romance scams wikipedia dictionary irs number to call computer dictionary online english dictionary number for irs scam report phishing scams how to report tax fraud irs fraud report how to file a lawsuit irs offices the irs what is tax evasion how to report phone scams scam alert irs las vegas tax evasion penalties oxford dictionary online email scams dictionaries online number to the irs irs deductions report tax fraud meaning of words call back number federal irs report fraud irs report fraud tax evasion definition fbi scams phone scam federal income tax bracket contacting the irs money scams scam phone numbers irs telephone scam irs tax questions tax lawyers irs tax number irs lawsuit scam irs numbers credit fraud the number to the irs lawsuit search consumer fraud irs electronic filing irs penalties irs fraud calls internet fraud irs advocate irs fraud phone number types of fraud report irs fraud online dictionary free insurance fraud cases 2010 tax table online scams dictionary in english check scams report scams income tax questions federal income taxes online free dictionary tax amnesty telephone scams reporting phone scams dictionary english to english tax problems irs tax fraud irs contact numbers report scam phone calls online dictionaries tax attorneys timeshare scams social security disability fraud the irs phone number computer scams english oxford dictionary ez form how to report a scam irs scams by phone blue tax tax refund fraud reporting identity theft phone call scams report fraud to irs what day can you file taxes in 2015 the irs number dating scams scam websites how to report a scammer irs call how to scam reporting tax fraud report a scam how to report fraud work from home scams lottery scams dictionary english english