Ios 8 Gm Seed Iphone 4S - Public Release Hd Review

Published on Sept. 10, 2014
Channel: Medo Tech
Source: Youtube

Is iOS 8 GM, the public release, worth it? Or is it just about to ruin your phone like iOS 7 did to the iPhone 4?? Have a watch and tell me what you think :-)) Hey guys, welcome to my tech channel! My name is Mahmoud El Mossalami, you can just call me Medo, and I am a Danish Youtuber. I started the channel Medo Tech because I love sharing experiences and trying new stuff out. Subscribe for not-so-common tech stuff. It can be reviews, CRAZY knife & water tests, rants, let-me-complain, tips & tricks, tutorials or funny tech videos! Your subscription will be very appreciated, Thanks! Click here to subscribe: