Ios 11 Beta 1 Vs Ios 11 Beta 5 / Public Beta 4? How Much Progress Has Apple Made In 4 Releases.

Published on Aug. 8, 2017
Channel: Iapplebytes
Source: Youtube

Normally I compare the latest public builds against the newest public / beta builds. This can help iOS users to decide if a new release is good enough performance wise to make them want to upgrade. And for the Beta versions, to see what is in store for the next release as it is being developed. Many have suggested that I would do a beta vs beta video, and this is the first go towards such a video. I will keep one device on iOS 11 Beta 1, and then compare that to the newest beta. Hopefully it will be clear in which areas iOS 11 is improving during the development cycle from Beta 1 to Final release. I will be doing this test ONLY on the iPhone 5S. Why.. well I have a spare device, so I do not need to downgrade an existing device again and again. But as this is the slowest 64 bit device that is supported by IOS 11, I think it will be a good reference device as it should be more clear if speed is improved. Music Credits : Track 3 : JJD - Adventure JJD - - - Track 2 : RIVERO & Anna Yvette - Heaven [Rivero] - - - [Anna Yvette] - - - Track 1 : Valence - Infinite [Valence] - - - All tracks provided by : [NCS] - - - - - -