Interior Vinyl Shutters Fitted In A Bedroom - Block Out The Light And Noise.

Published on Oct. 8, 2013
Category: Howto & Style
Source: Youtube

In this video you can see the finished interior Vinyl shutters. You can find other videos showing how to measure, assemble the shutter kit, pre-drill all the holes in the frame and how to install the shutters with these video links below: How to measure a window - How to assemble a vinyl shutter frame - Pre-drilling holes in the shutter kit - Easy way to install vinyl - These are Luxaflex Vinyl Shutters, there are two panels fitted in the bedroom with a horizontal dividing rail that lines up with the rail on the window. They have 64mm louvre blades and are finished in cotton (white). This is a recess style fitting, with a 5mm shadow gap all round. Find out why we leave a shadow gap in this video - If your trying to compare vinyl and wood shutters then watch this video and try spot the difference. Fitting Vinyl shutters in the bedroom help reduce the light and sound and keep out the heat or cold. For more information on Vinyl shutters visit my website