Installing A Drip Irrigation System For Raised Beds

Published on Jan. 3, 2013
Category: Howto & Style
Source: Youtube

Install a drip irrigation system for your raised beds. Save water and cut down on weeding by installing a simple yet effective drip irrigation system for all your raised beds. I will walk you through the different types of emitters and hose sizes, and complete setup. Drip Irrigation Parts ------------------- The 2 GPH emitters: Washable Filter: Drip line punch tool: Pressure Regulator: Splitter: Programmable Timer: For more growing info, gardening tips, indoor growing and more, visit us at My favorite small portable solar charger: My Lifetime 80 Gallon Compost Tumbler Plastic Seed Vials: Seed Vial Labels: My Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp: My Indoor Grow Light Setup: The Incredible Greenstalk Grow System: ThruNite 1050 Lumens TN12 Flashlight Making Your Own Grow Bags (Tools & Supplies) Dewitt 12 Year Weed Barrier: Coats Outdoor Thread: Brother JX2517 Sewing Machine: Blowout plug for winterizing your drip system and garden hoses: