Inside The Real Estate Industry Raleigh North Carolina: Marti'S Tip Of The Week 2

Published on May 13, 2015
Category: People & Blogs
Source: Youtube

Believe in the process! Pair your coming soon with a first open house! Hey this is Marti! I’ve been asked to do a short video and tell you how I sell coming soon listings. And I think one of the most important ways that I sell coming soon listings is, I absolutely believe in the process. You know what I did last time is I compared our multiple listings service to all the theaters in the United States of America and I told you that when a new movie comes out it doesn’t just magically appear in all the theaters. They actually have a time of promotion before the actual movie starts showing. As a matter of fact if you remember walking down the aisle to go see a favorite movie lately you might have seen on the wall this attraction is coming soon, it’s not here now but it is coming soon. And I told you folks it is a true statement that we always believe what’s around the corner is better than what we can see right now and so we owe it to our sellers to have a period of time where we’re absolutely doing everything that we can to promote their listing, to come up with more than one buyer that’s possibly interested in that house. And I like to couple my coming soon promotional along with my, is fabulous thing that we’ve done. We do it the first Saturday that we are all in the market, we don’t do it in every single Saturday, we have never had any less than twelve-ten families and most of the time we have over twenty. And if you’ve got a team of agents, if they’re not taking advantage during this very hot selling season that we’re in right now to pile up forty or fifty more perspective buyers who are in the market, care enough to get in their car go drive to an open house, you’re losing ground. This is the time that is a great thing that we are doing for our sellers. We are actually taking advantage of the market swing and that’s a very important thing. So I’ll talk to you more about these but you’ve got to get on board and you’ve got to believe in it yourself. If you are looking for homes coming soon in the USA and Canada check out our And please visit site to see what homes are coming soon in the real estate market in Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas!