Inside Sleeping Beauty'S Castle At Disneyland. A Walk-Through Adventure

Published on July 6, 2013
Category: Education
Source: Youtube

No guest at Disneyland fails to miss the impressively placed Sleeping Beauty's castle. It's only 77 feet tall but designed in forced perspective to look much taller than that. People pass over the drawbridge and through the portcullis and often wish they could take a look inside. The thing is, most guests don't realize that they CAN go inside! Tucked away in a little corner of the courtyard in fantasyland lies the entrance to the Sleeping Beauty Castle's walk through experience. Beefed up with modern technology, the dioramas tell the story (with a few plot holes) of Briar Rose / Aurora and how she was saved by her prince charming from the evil Maleficent. It's extremely dark inside the castle and on this particular day it was extremely hot, crowded, and loud to boot. So I got the best footage I could on a whim. Hope you enjoy it - make sure to check out our other videos and join the fun on Facebook at Our other Disneyland videos can be watched by clicking on this playlist: Of course we have many other videos on our channels and more coming! So make sure you click the subscribe button and head over to to see the other videos, articles, comics, and other shenanigans we've cooked up. A sincere thanks to every single one of you that's watched and shared these videos! We film them to entertain each other so it's really cool to see other people enjoying them and spreading them around. Thanks!