Ii Cutting Wavy Hair Shorter & Working With Natural Movement Ii - By Adam Ciaccia

Published on May 3, 2017
Channel: Adam Ciaccia
Category: Education
Source: Youtube

In This instalment of 'HairTube' Adam creates a jaw line length shape showing how to work with the natural movement of the hair and how to best texturize it with strategic point cutting. On location at Chroma Hair Studio in Brisbane, Salon owner Kim creates some deep red panels around the cheekbone areas. *****NB: WE EXPERIENCED AUDIO PROBLEMS MIDWAY THROUGH FILMING, apologies - Jimmy.****** Andreas formaula Level 8W regrowth Level 2N from box colours on Ends Formula 1. Regrowth 2N + 10vol socolor 2. Foils LM + 30vol +Bond Ultim8 = 40mins 3. Blonde Polish(Tone) HDRV + HDRR + 10vol all over = 20mins Thanks to Matrix Australia and Kim and Kylie from Chroma Hair Studio in Brisbane for great color work and and amazing salon to shoot in.