I Love Commons (Davidson'S I Love College Remix Ft. Stephen Curry)

Published on May 6, 2009
Category: Comedy
Source: Youtube

Download the MP3 here: http://www.zshare.net/audio/596419640439eb6d/ (for lyrics click more info) The Davidson Show's remix of I Love College, a tribute to the eating facility at Davidson College, premiered at the Davidson Awards Show May 4th. For more videos, check out: http://www.thedavidsonshow.com LYRICS: I'm hungry right now, man I-I want food If you have a catcard Would you please put it in the air? (Chorus) That commons last night was awfully crazy I stayed there so late Some chocolate fro-yo, big head burrito, I had bout three plates Eat chic parm and drink my coke, chill with friends and crack some jokes Arrive at 5, kicked out at 8, and that concludes this commons date Man, I love commons I wanna eat at commons for the rest of my life General Tzos with a little fried rice Freshman girls looking so nice Dessert line again? Better think twice So load up my tray, get out my way Put up some hearts for Valentines Day Commons is champion, not the Union We got Big John and Miss Sharon The outpost might be open later But Allison cannot flavor your tator Chesters Dujour is all I'm here for Skipped class today and all I could say is Ummm.... (Chorus) Man, I love commons, ay! And mashed potatoes, ay! Vailhouse dog, ay! Man, I love commons I cant tell you what I learned from school but I could eat an omelet or two, um Of course I learned commons rules Like don't fall down, they'll laugh at you Theres Sunday brunch's Golden Rule Last nights girl thinks you're a tool Awkward eye contact just isn't cool Your boys call outs are way too cruel Where are you going? Not the dark side Don't sit there, that's social suicide Might as well go play frisbee outside Raise your catcard and show some Vail pride Ummm..... (Chorus) Man, I love commons, ay! Chicken and biscuits, ay! Where's my grilled cheese? ay! I love commons Now if everybody would please Put their drink as high as they can As high as they can And repeat after us Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Prospie! Prospie! Prospie! Prospie! Do something crazy! Do something crazy! Do something crazy! Do something crazy! Grill line! Grill line! Chester! Chester! Yannick: It's not uncommon For me to spend about two hours in commons Cause I'm done spendin' money in the Union Buffet style what more can you wish for? Pizza bar, sandwhich bar, and the du jour. I hope that Sharon's workin' the grill line Cause she always brings a smiley face at the right time When my, commons day is turnin' into a disaster I just check my boy Chester cookin' up Carribean pasta Then to the drink machine not feelin' for Sprite I want that blue and yellow mix that green Kryptonite Comin' down the stairs, I see my boy Mauricio He says: "What's the dealio?" I say come be in the video! Then I ask him about the Union, He says: "It's overpriced and we're underfed!" So instead We come to the Commons where we get real fed Said we come to the Commons still got three meals left Yo! (Chorus) Man, I love commons I love it! Alright everybody, I gotta head back to class for a little bit Do I really have to graduate? Or can I just eat here for the rest of my life?