#Huhacks | Howard University B-School Coders Host Hack-A-Thon To Hone Skills

Published on March 27, 2017
Channel: Bdpatoday
Source: Youtube

Short PTTV sizzle reel by bdpatoday showcasing the sights and sounds of Howard University's annual regional hack-a-thon in Washington. D.C. BDPA Members and BDPA Student Members also featured with faculty, staff, and Business School Advisory Board Members. The Howard University School of Business, Department of Information Systems presented their 3rd Annual #HUHACKS Hackathon on Friday, March 24, 2017 on the campus of Howard University in Washington, DC. #HUHACKS Hackathon was an event coordinated by the Howard University School of Business (Department of Information Systems) with this year's theme being “The Smart Life. " This theme centered around allowing people to live and work in an easier, more efficient, and happy way. The Hackathon encourage's participants to develop applications and innovations that automate, alert, organize, encourage, and educate. The hackathon was an opportunity for students to come together and bring their innovative ideas to life. In less than 24 hours students working either individually or in a team as large as four created applications on whatever platform they desire. Are you a hacking novice? No problem. #HUHacks will be hosting some introductory boot camps to get you up to speed on the basics of building an app, developing a business plan, and a sales pitch. Keep your eyes and ears open, and you'll learn more here in 24 hours than you ever would in school. Hackathons are as much a learning experience as they are a competition. Check them out on Instagram @huhacks! Visit their website: http://bschool.howard.edu/huhacks — Source: Howard University School of Business