How To Win A Scholarship! Edudaris™ & Path To Scholarships® Five Docs Needed

Published on June 26, 2012
Channel: June Mcbride
Category: Education
Source: Youtube How to win scholarships, free money for college! Students need tools to succeed to win scholarships and access the free money for college. Where do you start? How do you win a Scholarship? What is the scholarship process? Is there an alternative to student loans? You can pay for your dreams and a college education through scholarships, free money with all the student tools available at NO COST on has a FREE college and scholarship e-Course, Path to Scholarships® which is a college and scholarship planning guide that empowers students with checklists, planning forms, and organizational tools that assist students to reach their dream of college and the money to pay for the dream. This is why Path to Scholarships® has been so successful nationally with ALL students since 2000. Scholarships are available to all students from elementary school to college and graduate school. PATH OF ORGANIZATION It is called the Path of Organization, which means organizing a winning scholarship portfolio containing everything needed to successfully apply to all scholarships. The Path of Organization is the next key to putting it all together so the scholarship committees know this student exists, needs a scholarship, and deserves it! This is the most difficult of all the paths! Many students have built a wonderful foundation doing all the right things, but do not know how to organize themselves to successfully complete all those wonderful scholarship applications. Very rarely, if ever, is a scholarship going to come looking for you! FIVE DOCUMENTS NEEDED TO APPLY TO ALL COLLEGE AND SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS 1. Documented Community Service 2. Resume 3. College and Scholarship Essay 4. Recommendation Letters 5. Official Transcripts WHAT IS THE EASY PART AND THE DIFFICULT TASK AHEAD? The easy part is the research, learning about all these wonderful scholarships, and picking up the applications or downloading them from the Internet. Most students fail to organize everything to complete the application: an essay, résumé, letters of recommendation, documented community service, and copies of official transcripts. Read carefully through the Path of Organization, because it will assist and guide you to organize a winning portfolio that will make the task of applying to college and for scholarships fun and exciting! You need to know the steps to and have the tools to complete the college and scholarship process successfully. 1. Dare to Dream Great Dreams! 2. Take the Challenge 3. Path to Hard Work a. Community Service b. Leadership c. Extracurricular Activities d. Academic Classes e. G.P.A. f. Tests 4. Path of Organization -- Build a Strong Foundation a. Documented Community Service b. Résumé c. College and Scholarship Essay d. Recommendation Letters e. Official Transcripts 5. Overcome Obstacles, Build Character and Strength 6. Research College and Scholarships 7. Apply Successfully to College and for Scholarships EDUDARIS.COM Connect with college recruiters and businesses on Membership and use of the Edudaris™ is completely free to all users. Edudaris™ is the place to make these life-long connections that can support you in your educational and professional goals. Edudaris™ is an educational networking platform with an industry-­‐standard learning management system that interconnects students, educators, college representatives, scholarship providers, and businesses in a safe and secure environment. Edudaris™ is an interactive, educational community which: • Provides a platform for all users to establish long-­‐term connections and to seek professional opportunities. • Accelerates student opportunities to seek for and apply to colleges and for scholarships by providing a "match" based on information from the student profile. Privacy is of utmost importance. Profile information will never be shared or sold. • Complements the present Path to Scholarships® teacher curricula, student workbooks, and the Path to Scholarships® career, college, and scholarship planning portfolio. • Provides a customizable, Path to Scholarships® Career, College, and Scholarship Planning e-Course and e­Portfolio with pre-named tabs/folders and personal file storage space to all users at no charge. • Enhances classroom interaction through a learning management system designed for both web-based and blended learning environments that meets industry standards. All educators are allowed one free customizable e-course. • Gives teachers and administrators the tools necessary to create customized courses, centralize management of learning activities, and track and report student progress.