How To Use Octavia - Music Maker 5000 [Warframe]

Published on April 3, 2017
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

A big vid about all that is Octavia. I run by all abilities and how to use them....also a build...and even two songs you can copy and paste and use for yourself (free of charge). Then i'll test out those abilities in the field and it works great. So after Octavia's Anthem and after the grind to get the parts, now we can finally make some music! ENJOY! Octavia's Quest : How to get Octavia: Octavia Octavia's Anthem How to Octavia Update 20 mandachord music ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Make this my real job and support The Wisekrakr. Become a patron today and show your support: *** *** This is the Wisekrakr in Games. I play Warframe and all other games :D I share my wisdom and some nonsense with you while I'm playing games, so don't miss anything and subscribe now! Don't forget to help me out and hit LIKE. Also please leave a comment and give some handy tips. Thanks in advance. Want to send me cool stuff? Facebook: Twitter: Music: or Kevin McLeod....