How To Submit Classified Ads In Seo | How To Do Classified Submission

Published on Jan. 31, 2017
Channel: Ranjana Singh
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Classified submission helps in SEO by promoting the traffic for your existing website. It automatically enhances links for website and to magnetize buyers towards your services. How to do Classified Submission ? Classified sites are good to get quick traffic on less time. If you are selling something on your website then you can post the ads on classifieds site and then visitors related to your services will soon visit to your website and thus you will start getting traffic. Only problem with classified posting is that there is no long term benefit in posting is classifieds site because most of the ads will be deleted within a month and if not, you have to give good amount of time in posting on classified sites regularly. Before start writing the ad, collect all the information that your clients want to include. Compile all information of clients with all relevant information. Include those information that compel visitors to keep reading and in the end buy products or services of clients. Form your classified in a way that it tells all in the least number of words possible. Use smart classified words like free, win, and phrases like “make big money” which clearer product or service in details to get more responses. Here are the steps to enter into learning accurate strategies of Classified Submission service. Right classified websites for submission Right category and sub category select right classified Title Description Company name Your email ID Your mobile number Company logo Company URL Security code (CAPTCHA), etc