How To Start Learning Japanese As An Extreme Beginner Nooblet

Published on April 8, 2015
Channel: Tofugu
Category: Travel & Events
Source: Youtube

Do you have questions for Tofugu? Ask them in the comments or post them on Twitter with the hashtag #ASKTOFUGU Today Koichi answers a question from Mitarashi Fox about how to incorporate Japanese into your daily life and begin learning Japanese as an extreme beginner nooblet. How to Find the Kanji Radical Guide: How to Use a Kanji Dictionary Guide: Sites for Finding Kanji by Radical: iOS Apps for Finding Kanji by Radical: Android Apps for Finding Kanji by Radical: Find us on: Music: "MJS Stings" and "Vibe Ace" by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0