How To Setup Netflix On My Roku

Published on May 23, 2017

Netflix is Roku channel that has something for everyone. This provides best watching experience just for kids, family. On Netflix, you can watch TV shows, movies only for you which include award-winning Netflix series, documentaries as well as movies. Moreover, you can try Netflix for one month with free of cost. When you watch Netflix, there are no commercials and you can cancel anytime. One more thing, there is no hidden fees taken by you. If you like it and watch forever then you have to subscribe it. Setup steps for Netflix for Roku • Roku connection • Netflix connection Roku Connection: Before setup Netflix, you have to make Roku connection. For that steps are given below: • Firstly, search audio/video connection for television. • If you have HD TV than HDMI connectors, otherwise you may have component or composite connectors. • If you use component connections then you need composite cables for audio as well as video. • After choosing one of these cables, plug it into TV and Roku device. • Then, insert Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port on Roku. • If you want to use wired connection, connect opposite end to the network port on the router. • If not then you can use wireless connections, for that you need wireless network name and password after turn it on. • Then turn on your TV as well as Roku device for the setup process. • From the wired or wireless network choose one as your network connection. It is best if you choose wireless connection because you have to enter network name and password before establishing connection with the home network. • Your Roku setup is completed once it reboots. Note: after setup, if you want to activate you as well as want to buy Roku channels then you have to activate account. Netflix connection: Here are steps for Netflix connection with your Roku devices for more entertainment. • To enjoy Netflix on Roku, select Netflix icon on your TV screen with your Roku remote. • Then follow the guidelines which appear on screen for the Roku activation code. • After that, visit URL. • Then, one text box appears and write Roku activation code into it. • Then click on submit button. • Moreover, login to Netflix account. Note: if you have not Netflix account, then make it. • Furthermore, go on “your account and help” option. • After that, scroll up and down to watch on TV instantly. • Then click on “Activate Netflix ready device”. • Again enter the Roku activation code given by Roku. • Then, verify your Roku recognized Netflix account made by you. • If done that means your Roku activation link code worked well. • Now you are able to access Netflix once it does. • One more thing, you are able to add videos and TV shows. Here are steps for setup Netflix on Roku. We hope you easily setup Netflix on Roku and you enjoy Netflix Roku without any issues. But if you face issues then you can visit For more guidance. To solve any kind of Roku issues you can also call us our toll free no. 1-855-531-3727. Apart from this, you can also take Roku technical support, Roku chat support, Roku customer support and Roku customer support from us.