How To Sell To Russian Large Companies? Learn B2B Surprising Marketing Strategies

Published on May 16, 2017

To download a free White Paper : "How to Sell to Russian Large Companies? How to conquer this billion-dollar marketplace with surprising marketing strategies" - This video will help you to find answers of following questions: how to enter the “Russian large Market”? How to reach the big boss of a large corporation? How to arrange a meeting with him? How to sell to a large company? Is everything really being decided in Russia through personal connections and “corrupt tenders”? We would like to share our agency’s experience of a foreign business entering Russia. Under the term “entering” we mean providing assistance in establishing relations between foreign companies and Russian businesses. This video is aimed at B2B marketers, sales specialists, and executives. We are not going to discuss logistics, legal and tax aspects of working in Russia. Instead, we will be talking about finding the right people and using marketing techniques to grow them into customers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Official Youtube channel of RMAA Group - Russia Marketing and Advertising Agency. Website: Blog: Facebook: LinkedIn: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ About the Company: RMAA Group is an independent full service Advertising and Marketing agency. A major part of our business is providing B2B marketing solutions for international companies operating in Russia and CIS region. RMAA Group builds effective ROI-based marketing campaigns that help B2B organizations achieve core business objectives. We help business attract buyers and nurture them through the marketing to sales funnel.