How To Replace Keyboard - Dell Inspiron 15 (5000 Series) 5547

Published on Jan. 5, 2015
Channel: Boneyblade
Source: Youtube

Bought this laptop in UK from In the promotional video on the website, it said this laptop comes with optional backlit keyboard but there is no option of choosing between backlit and non-backlit when you are buying it online and dell is selling this laptop with a non-backlit keyboard. I wanted to have a backlit keyboard so I bought backlit keyboard myself from ebay to replace the non-backlit. Warning: Dell told me that changing keyboard yourself will void the warranty so if you don't want to loose warranty then don't change the keyboard. I changed it anyway. :) Add this step: The backlit cable on the new keyboard is a bit long so I made a small fold and secured it with a little cellotape. Not doing this will make the cable all curvy under the keyboard so make a small fold to keep it nice and straight. Hope this video helps. Best of luck!!