How To Order Subway Like A Boss

Published on May 6, 2013
Category: Music
Source: Youtube

LIKE MY FAN PAGE : Beat made by : Monsta Like Monsta's FAN Page : Free Instrumental download: LYRICS Its sub way all day, can I get a foot long coz I love the taste. Can I get it toasted with a fillet of chicken? Everybody looking at me like dam I'm tripping Yeah u the victim so watch the way I'm ripping it Hiophop should be dead the way I'm killing it Fuck being limited Flying to the top Even though it's a rap about food yeah You feeling it you wana see ma flow You wana see me flow? I' m on a roll SUBWAY's the only place that I know That don't get you fat like all the other places that I used to go Killing all these rappers so I welcome you all to the funeral Yeah yeah I'm eating fresh yeah yeah I'm eating fresh. Tell the whole about me that Bilal is doing best I feel like a cookie or two but I don't need the calories I already got a few eyy. Copyright © 2013 Bilal