How To Make Your Wifi Internet Faster! & How To Change Your Router Channel - X Times Faster Internet

Published on June 24, 2016
Category: Howto & Style
Source: Youtube

My video shows you how to increase Internet Speed in WiFi and get faster internet free in your house. See how to make your WiFi internet faster with a single router setting. This is done by changing your router channel number so that your internet is not slowed down by your neighbors WiFI router interfering with your WiFi Internet Speed. See how to increase your internet speed by changing your wifi router channel without spending any money. Doe this video show you to how to increase internet speed and boost your WiFi. Yes, in as much that you will see better and more consistent performance in internet access and browsing with all your WiFi devices. So if you want faster WiFi than try a different wireless router channel on your 2.4ghz network router. You can get back faster internet access in your house. Get back the internet speed from your ISP that you subscribe to, through your monthly pay plan. Change channels today! Download link to "INSSIDER" version 3.x.x (free version) Your WiFi router channels 1, 6, & 11 are the channels most commonly used in the US today for WiFi. Each one of the channels are 5mhz away from each other out of 20mhz. Now keep this in mind: the total channel width of a 2.4ghz network is only 20mhz. Also keep this in mind too: if your channel is set to lets say channel 6 it is also bleeding over into some other channels like 5 & 7 and even touching a hair or two next to channel 4 and 8. The whole idea here as shown in my video is to set your router to a channel that causes the least interference with other WiFi networks. This will allow you to get the maximum speed out of your wireless network. Hence, you get better, smoother and improved internet browsing speeds with more enjoyment! Getting faster Internet speed is absolutely obtainable! You can easily have faster internet speed Windows 10 without having to work very hard at it, to get it. And without spending extra money. So is faster internet possible? Yes. Watch my video and change your wifi router channel today.