How To Make Facebook Video Ads From Your Youtube Videos (Post Youtube Video On Facebook)

Published on Oct. 4, 2016
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Do you have a ton of YouTube videos you want to post as a Facebook Video ad? This quick tutorial will show you the fastest and most effective way to transfer your YouTube videos to Facebook. Jump start your video campaign with my tools: ************************************ Videos Mentioned: How to make playlists Video Remarketing Lists How to Generate leads on Facebook ************************************ You've got a huge collection of YouTube videos that you're dying to get over to Facebook. But do you really have to download them all and then re- upload them back to Facebook?? "Balki- don't be ridiculous!" Of course not. I'm going to show you a video marketing super hack for getting all your YouTube videos over to Facebook faster because that's what I do - I'm Owen Video bumper Welcome back to where everyday feels like it's christmas (subscribe in lower corner) I'm Owen Video and today I'm gonna show you how to transfer all of your YouTube videos over to Facebook where you can (Playlist thumbnail) add them to playlists (remarketing thumbnail) segment your viewers into remarketing lists (How to gen leads facebook live Thumb) and run ads that make you millions of dollars. (add icard there) Uploading directly to Facebook is a BEAR bc you can only upload one video per browser window and it takes forever. With this tactic you'll save a ton of time PLUS YouTube will transfer all the data including the thumbnail which means you pretty much have an optimized video waiting for you on Facebook So let's get started by going to my video manager on YouTube. (Screencast) What we're going to do first is install a plugin called Tubebuddy and you can get that by clicking on the link below. Once installed, you'll see that I've got this Tubebuddy icon in various parts of the page. Arrow - When I click the main icon at the top you can see your new dashboard with healthy reports, keyword research tools, a thumbnail generator, and more. Red Arrow - But for now we're going to select the BULK option here and click Publish to Facebook. (me pop up on screen!) As a note - You can transfer as many videos as you like BUT the Facebook interface is not so easy to work with. Consider moving in certain videos at a time so you can organize them on Facebook. ... With this option here I'm able to add videos thematically. For example, by transferring over all my Web Design first, I'm able to quickly organize them into a playlist on Facebook. Just type in your search term and click next. On this page, I can select from public and unlisted videos, determine their upload order, and select the videos I want to publish. Click next and the processing begins. Once completed, this window will show you your successful transfers and be on the lookout for alerts from Facebook that say your video is ready to be viewed. (Back to me) Publishing will take as long as how many videos you have but I've transferred up to 20 at a time and it took less than an hour. Just keep your computer connected to the internet and go get a mocha chino... by the time you come back your uploads will probably be done. Split Screen Logo and text - Get it now. Link is below. Now Tubebuddy is a premium tool they did not pay me to make this video but they are great friends and I use their tool in almost every element of my process I recommend Tubebuddy to all my clients. Split Screen Video of one of my Facebook Lives Join me in my private Facebook group for fans of the channel - I go live once a week with a small training or Q&A. Video has helped me create an awesome lifestyle and I can show you how to do the same. Hope to see you there amigo! End Card Don't Forget to subscribe! ************************************ My Favorite Gear for Starting with Video: Wireless mic: Teleprompter: t5i with additional gear: Tripod: Lighting: Mic / Lavalier Microphone (for Desktop) ************************************ New Content Every Week on Social Media: ************************************ Facebook LIVE every Wednesday: Entrepreneurial Advice and Tips on Snapchat Twitter Posts and Periscope