How To : Liquid Imo With Chris Trump

Published on Aug. 16, 2016
Channel: Chris Trump
Source: Youtube

This is a video with step by step instructions to brew IMO in liquid. This specific method I present is a result of years of experimentation and trials while checking my work under a microscope. It is simple, but it works. The diversity of microbes is preserved in the process. ENJOY!! **************************************************************************************** If you like what I am doing and want to help me make more videos please consider supporting me on Patreon @ ** ** **************************************************************************************** Ingredient list for LIMO: -IMO3 (or 2 or 4) -FPJ 1:500 -BRV 1:500 -OHN 1:1000 -SW 1:25 (1:20 is ok too) -Humic acid 1:500 (optional) -Fulvic acid 1:2000 (optional) -Brown sugar 1:1500 (by volume, optional) -Water (non-chlorinated) ************************************************************************************* For large scale consultation or to request a Natural Farming training in your area, please contact Chris Trump @ : **************************************************************************************