How To Install A Fireplace Glass Door? Pleasant Hearth - Alpine Model An-1012

Published on Jan. 23, 2016
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How to install a fireplace glass door? Pleasant Hearth Alpine model #AN-1012 - small size - watch my picture slideshow by clicking here (20m18s) I used a plastic sheet to cover my fireplace to prevent heat loss, but I found this fireplace glass door and didn't know whether it would work for my fireplace. So, I measured my fireplace inside opening Height 25" and Width 35". Bought the small size, and it fit perfectly. It does not need any drilling holes, but simply put the few parts together and tighten them. Voila, got a beautiful fireplace glass door. It does have a chain fence behind the glass door. Looks very very beautiful compare to my RED NECK plastic cover. The new FP glass door prevents about 90% heat loss so something may be done to stop the 10% heat loss. The small size FP glass door fits FP inside opening H22.5"-29.5" and W30"-37"