How To Grow A Mango Tree From Seed

Published on Feb. 11, 2017

How to grow a Mango tree by planting the saved seed from the Mango fruit. I found this information online. Which might explain why some people report vigorous growth with their mango seeds. If you remove a seed from a mango tree, check whether that cultivar produces a monoembryonic or polyembryonic seeds. Polyembryonic seeds contain more than one embryo, most of which are genetically identical to the mother tree. Most mangoes from the Philippines and Southeast Asia are polyembryonic. Most of those originating from India are monoembryonic. A monoembryonic seeds contain a single embryo that possesses genes from both parent trees; they are more difficult to germinate but typically produce vigorous seedlings. Polyembronic mangoes originating in the Philippines and grown in Mexico are the hardiest in California where they can withstand short periods in temperatures as low as 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Propagation by seed is only recommended for poly-embryonic mango varieties such as Kensington Pride. Poly-embryonic seeds produce a number of shoots, one of which originates from fertilisation. The fertilised seedling is often weak and stunted and should be discarded. The other seedlings are clones of the mother tree.