How To Get Rare Clothes In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Published on June 2, 2017
Channel: Mrhotshot
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List of Clothes Available from Majin Buu kids: -Super Baby Vegeta -Spike the devil man -General blues -Mr. Popo -General Red -Fortune Teller Baba's -Piccolo -Majin Buu -Supreme Kai -Dabura -Uub -Majin Uub -Ox King -Emperor Pilaf -Chiaotzu -Vegeta(Normal) -Jaco -Ninja Suits -Baseball Clothes -Battle Suits -Qiqaps -Training Suits -Elites -Gi If there are any clothes missing from this list let me know in the comments. These are the clothes Troll Lead and I received. If you liked this video please leave a like and comment below!!! George/Troll Lead's Channel: Intro: Fairy Tail Main Theme - [ dj-Jo Remix ] 1 Hour by ajbd1290. Look at his channel for more awesome remixes Outro Music: Childish Gambino-3005 My partnership: Subscribe to Friend's Channels: RonnyAD Gaming RonnyAD This is where you donate: Social Media: Snapchat: mrhotshot33460 Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: