How To Find Quality Keywords You Can Compete With

Published on April 13, 2015
Category: Education
Source: Youtube

In this video I show you how to find quality keywords for you site that you can compete with. Read the articles here: ‎ Skip ahead around the video: 0:20 - Finding an initial list of keywords 2:10 - Get more keywords and traffic stats from Google Keywords Planner 3:55 - Filtering down your CSV downloaded list 7:45 - Researching keywords 9:27 - Wrap up Join the Road to 4K Challenge Facebook Group if you are doing the challenge with me: My sites traffic, revenue, etc.: Thank you for Watching! This channel is documenting my journey to online success, while teaching/learning and being 100% transparent along the way. If you want to my follow my YouTube journey specifically, check out my blog below. Join me and let's succeed together! ------------- FIND ME ------------- Twitter: LinkedIn: Blog(YouTube Journey): Email me for any questions or if you catch me doing something wrong: -------------------------------------------- SUPPORT MY FREE CONTENT -------------------------------------------- Bookmark my Amazon link. Doesn't cost you a thing, and helps me out a lot: Demo FreshStore: Buy FreshStore: