How To Export Meat Products To China

Published on Nov. 20, 2013
Channel: Eu Sme Centre
Category: Education
Source: Youtube

In 2012, China's imports of meat products reached more than EUR 3 billion. Main suppliers were NAFTA countries, particularly the US, followed by the EU. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, meat imports may rise three percent annually over the next ten years to 1.7 million tons in 2022, mainly due to the growing population, urban expansion and growing wealth in the country. Recent food safety scandals are driving demand for imported meat products as well, further increasing opportunities for EU exporters. Since the control of the meat supply chain at an international level is one of the priorities of the Chinese Government, managing the meat importing process and conforming to a multitude of regulations in the complex regulatory framework is a major challenge for meat exporters. Join this webinar and discover: - The meat market in China - Step by step introduction into the regulatory framework - The main requirements of the Chinese Food Safety Law - The key points for meat imports to China - The import procedures - Packaging and labelling - Challenges and recommendations