How To Encrypt And Secure You’Re Mail, Gmail Feature Unreadable Format - By Neel Chaudhari

Published on Aug. 25, 2017

How To Encrypt and Secure You’re Mail, Gmail feature Unreadable Format - BY NEEL CHAUDHARI Steps:- 1. Open Your Gmail Account with Your ID and Password 2. Download Browser add-ons from below link- Secure Mail for Gmail- 3. Install add-ons in Your Browser. 4. Refresh your gmail account. 5. Click on Lock Icon and start email. 6. After Completion enter Encryption key. And send mail. 7. On receiver side, use same key for decryption of mail , and Read mail. -- Add More star in Gmail. 1. Go to settings , then in general tab. 2. Select type of stars which are You want to use. 3. Chose priority on mail and identify by star colures. Thanks For watching, Visit again , comment, like, Subscribe Subscribe NL-TECHNO.