How To Design A Polynesian Tattoo - Tribal Tattoos Designs

Published on Dec. 19, 2011
Channel: Renosudarsono
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Source: Youtube How to Design a Polynesian Tattoo - Tribal Tattoos Designs Polynesian-style tattoos, although similar and often compared to tribal tattoos, actually utilize bolder abstracts or specific figures that represent different totems based on a deep history of the various Polynesian islands. Generally rendered in black, these ancient styles can vary depending on what area of the world inspires you. Instructions: Step 1: Determine which Polynesian island you want to focus your design on. Polynesian-style tattoos can include Samoan, Maori, Marquesan, Hawaiian and Tahitian artwork among others. You'll find different styles in every Polynesian island and every tattoo artist also has his own take on these designs. Step 2: Incorporate the Tiki god, often depicted with closed eyes because legend said he smelled trouble before he saw it. Any Polynesian statue with a human form is a tiki. You can use a realistic tiki or pick a stylized one that follows the abstract, geometric patterns regularly used in Polynesian designs. Step 3: Design a Polynesian tattoo that represents wealth. Shells are a common item seen in Polynesian designs because they were often used as a type of currency and thus considered a talisman to bring you riches. Step 4: Look for protection by incorporating a shark or shark's teeth in your tattoo design. Many Polynesian cultures considered sharks a sacred animal and thought they would protect them from their enemies. Step 5: Get a gecko, a popular choice in Polynesian designs. Many regard these creatures with either fear or awe due to their supposed supernatural powers. Step 6: Think carefully before requesting your name or another word in the Polynesian alphabet. There are different alphabets on the various islands.