How To Decorate Cookies Using Fondant Icing

Published on Sept. 16, 2015
Category: Howto & Style
Source: Youtube

An introduction to the basics of preparing and decorating cookies with fondant icing, otherwise known as rolled or ready to roll icing. In the video I also decorated the fondant icing with a zebra sugar icing sheet which works on the same principle as rice paper toppers but of course you can skip that step and decorate your fondant how you like such as piping or writing designs on top once glued to the cookies. I've never used sugar icing sheets before, I actually bought it by mistake thinking it was a rice paper sheet which are far easier to use! As you can see in the video, the sheet stuck to the wax paper it comes on and is very tricky to remove unless you know what you are doing. I tried a couple of the suggested techniques but still I couldn't get it off in one piece. I was going to edit out my struggle completely but at the end of the day, everything can't always go to plan, especially when it comes to baking, it's not always as easy as it seems. For recipes and photos visit You can also find me at and