How To Cut An Avocado The Correct Way [Food Hack]

Published on Nov. 12, 2015
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Source: Youtube

How To Cut An Avocado Full Tutorial: Subscribe to Homemade Recipes: You've been cutting avocados the wrong way your entire life! In this video we'll be showing you the correct way to cut an avocado, when you only plan on using half. Use this tutorial for your avocado salads, avocado smoothie recipes, and more. For more information on this food hack check out the full guide over at Homemade Recipes. Follow Homemade Recipes on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest: ---------------------------------------Transcript--------------------------------------------------- The Correct Way to Cut An Avocado [Food Hack] You’ve been cutting avocados wrong your entire life If you plan on only eating half the avocado… don’t cut it lengthwise Instead… Cut it across the middle! Less of the fruit is exposed to the air Protecting it from browning all over Wrong! X [Cutting length-wise] Right! [Cutting across the middle]