How To Create Face Framing Layers With A Razor

Published on Aug. 18, 2016

In this video we're going to share a fresh approach for creating face framing layers using a razor instead of a blunt shear or thinning shears. The end result will leave you with a side sweeping look that perfectly frames the face, accentuating the cheek bones. Remember, the key to creating softness around the face is by using your Sam Villa razor with the 6-Gap blade. If you have questions about this technique, be sure to leave them in the box below. Please hit the thumbs up and subscribe button for us too if you want to see more face framing tutorials! Professional Tools Recommended for this Technique Sam Villa Signature Series Razor with the 6-Gap texturizing blade - we use the 6-Gap blade to create a beautiful soft texture without leaving hard lines in the hair Learn more: Head over to for more haircutting tutorials and education!