How To Choose Clothing Labels For Your Clothing Line | Types Of Woven Labels

Published on Nov. 5, 2016
Channel: John Santos
Category: People & Blogs
Source: Youtube

Clothing labels on your clothing line can help increase your brand’s appeal in the marketplace. In this video I join the staff at Cruz Label to show you guys the options you have for your woven labels. For more information and samples visit: Clothing labels are commonly referred to as woven labels and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and material build you can choose from. The three most common types of clothing lables are the 50 Denier Damask, Taffeta and Satin woven label. Each has a unique aesthetic and preferred application method. If the clothing label will be touching skin, it is recommended to use the Damask woven label, if you are going for a vintage look then the Taffeta woven label may be a good option. For lingerie or baby products the satin woven label is smooth and your best option. If you are starting your business and are interested in a free supplier list + guides visit: Let’s connect: