How To Catch A Florida Keys Lobster Season Underwater Gopro Hookah Rig Scuba Diving Long Key West

Published on Aug. 16, 2015
Category: Comedy
Source: Youtube

This is a Video Demonstration of ME teaching MY 12 Year Old Daughter HOW TO CATCH a LEGAL Florida Spiny Lobster... LEGALLY... During the LEGAL Florida Spiny Lobster Season... LEGALLY... With the appropriate LEGALLY Obtained License. This is her first year of Lobsering... AND, as you may notice... Her debut as an Underwater Photographer and Cinematographer using a GoPro Underwater setup that I have put together for Open Ocean Diving. Do not attempt this without the proper training, experience and safety precautions in place and routinely practiced. Anyone who watches this video, or "views" / "viewers", agree NOT to hold ANY person liable for their involvement and/or production, distribution, etc, with regards to this video for ANY injury sustained in attempt to duplicate of replicate the actions viewed in this video. Any and all personal underwent extensive training in preparations for the demonstration and production of this video... I am just having problems with FOCUS sometimes... the issues of dealing with my 12 year-old daughter.... short attention span.... Happy Lobstering!!!!