How To Avoid Getting Your Offline Device Hacked

Published on July 25, 2015
Category: Howto & Style
Source: Youtube

Read more about Internet Anonymity here at There is always a risk of security threats whenever your computer, mobile phone or any other internet-capable device is connected to the internet. Hacking has become a norm, and your gadget can now be hacked despite its Internet anonymity. Your device can be hacked through the electromagnetic radiations that it’s emitting. During operation, your computer releases electromagnetic radiations that can be used to intercept information. Hackers can also bring down your offline device by scrutinizing its power consumption. It’s possible to gather the activities of any electronic device based on the amount of power it’s using. Your mobile phone’s accelerometer - a sensor used in tracking its tilting motion - can be used as key-logger to record its keystrokes. To be secure of such threats, you’ll need to have an efficient computer program similar those used for Internet anonymity, which you’ll be using to detect network vulnerabilities that arise out of radiations and power consumption. You should also ensure that your phone’s accelerator is as weak as possible to avoid being spied. Read more about Internet Anonymity here at Internet Anonymity Hacking Security Threats