How To Apply Feather Hair Extensions | Install Hair Feathers | Diy Feather Extensions

Published on Sept. 27, 2014
Channel: Kelly Neddo
Category: Howto & Style
Source: Youtube

Hi! SolKat here with the FeatherReport.US video tutorial on how to easily apply do it yourself feather extensions.This video tutorial provides quick and easy instructions for how to easily apply feather hair extensions to your own hair. DIY hair feathers are super easy, you only need a few tools. These are available on my website: First you will need your silicone lined crimp beads or other type of hair extension beads. Try to find the hair bead color that most closely matches the root of your hair where your will be applying your feather extension bundle. Here at the FeatherReport I believe that all people can and should be able to enjoy wearing feathers in your hair. It used to be only fancy salons could install hair feathers. With a few simple tools you can easily do it yourself from the comfort of your own home. Look many of us simply cannot afford to pay hair salons to install our feather hair extensions. In this simple how to guide you will learn in under one minute your standard three tools and watch a MAN put them in with NO effort. That's right. Solkat hired a man to make this video to show you JUST how simple it is. Tools you will need - Most of my kits come with a blue looping tool and silicone beads. What you will need is a craft pair of pliers (really any type will do - ask your dad or boyfriend if they have a pair). 1. Silicone Beads 2. Looping Tool OR fancy wooden handle threader 3. Your feather extension bundle (model is wearing DIY Turquoise White Ginger Bundle) 4. Pliers Watch Lyndon as he easily puts my turquoise and white popular and most beautiful bonded hair feather extension in. These colors are BEAUTIFUL on dark hair (especially with her blue eyes). If you have any questions on installation of your new hair feathers please contact me at http://www.featherreport.US I hope you love your new long feather hair extensions - don't pay a salon - it's so easy to DIY