How To Achieve Long, Thick Hair: Using Luxuralocks Extensions // Danielle Jackson ♡

Published on April 12, 2015
Category: Howto & Style
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EDIT**** THANK YOU FOR WATCHING IF YOU DO NOT LIKE HOW I PUT THEM IN OR DONT THINK ITS BLENDED I REALIZE, THIS WAS MADE OVER A YEAR AGO - STOP WITH THE HATE PLEASE. And telling me to clean my room a year later... girl please. This is how I put in my Luxuralocks extensions And the end is my really quick review on them - which I tried to squish in but didn't have much time. These are from an instagram shop named @Luxuralocks, I have been using their brand (while promoting for them) for 2 or more years. And this is my honest opinion on them - yes I do love them but they can lose their softness over time if they are not well taken care of, just like any other pair of extensions. The extensions last me up to 6 months. You do not have to curl or straighten them every day or even every week and that helps them stay soft and healthy. They can come in any length or colour or amount of grams, all you have to do is DM or Email the company and they will do that for you, it takes 2-3 weeks for custom orders. I hope you enjoyed this video and that it helped! You can do it with any kind of clip in extensions, does not need to be luxuralocks xo COMMENT ANY QUESTIONS Camera used : Canon EOS 6D Edited On: iMovie FOLLOW ME: ♡ Instagram: ♡ Twitter: ♡ Tumblr: ♡ Snapchat: danij8 CONTACT INFO: ♡ Please Like, Share and Subscribe so you don't miss any videos and we can stay in touch. Hope you enjoyed and maybe found a new product you love!! See you in my next video ♡